Application mode and the difference between the vibrator Vibrator use the centrifugal effect of new high-speed rotation of the vibration motor, high frequency vibration of the machine, thereby eliminating the relative stability of the material inside the warehouse and silo wall friction between the materials, so that the material discharged from the hatch successfully. Also known as anti-blocking devices vibration shaker dough mixer concrete mixer truck or silo anti-clogging device, generally applicable to the hopper, silos or pipe material handling in circulation, and the true emergence of silos or pipe from Gong, or the material damp stained walls, or relatively poor liquidity and sand particles clogging the discharge port has a good clear role. True phenomenon of material handling soiled wall, in fact a very good explanation is that the vibrator after dithering, the transmitting power to the silo wall warehouse, to produce resonance in the high frequency vibration effects, materials and silo wall will gradually separate adhesive layer, without the need to beat the original force. Today, the flow of the vibrator on the market in fact there are two products from the principle of speaking. One is electromagnetic vibration of the vibrator The second is it used motor vibration vibrator And the difference between these two points and use environment is, the applicable market bigger motor vibration vibrator. After all motor vibration from the environment, in the maintenance is relatively simple, and the market in general mechanical and electrical maintenance technician can. Electromagnetic vibrator particular, fear tide, using a great influence on the electromagnetic force, once in a humid environment, the ability to directly reduce vibration. Motor anti-blocking devices in the model applied in the js1000 hot sale bhs twin shaft concrete mixer vibration motor is relatively simple, but the name issue. For example, the vibration motor on the market now frequently used, YZS vibrating motor, YZO vibration motor or vibration motor TZD Therefore, the vibrator is more flexible in applying the model of the motor, which has nothing to do with the overall vibration capability. Effective care for concrete vibrators Concrete vibrator has a large amplitude, high frequency, light weight, reasonable structure, safe operation, maintenance and ease of use. The vibrator has a compressed air source is widely used in construction works in construction, for a variety of dry and hard and the injection of concrete vibration tamping work, which is characterized as follows: 1. This vibrator with compressed air as gas source, vane pneumatic motor driven, flexible shaft drive, reasonable structure, easy connection. Without power, humidity and other conditions, gas and coal dust in the mine and other mines, "set side" cement tamping works contain is particularly applicable, absolutely safe and reliable. 2. With a large amplitude, high frequency, can be adjusted. (According to site requirements, the available inlet pressure to adjust the frequency) 3. The power large, flexible shaft drive, install the operating, maintenance and easy to use, especially for special mining conditions apply. Concrete vibrator use and maintenance: The vibrator motor, compact structure, internal parts with precision, requiring the operator carefully maintained. 1. Before using ventilation units should rotate 30 °, so that the holes align, let exhaust smooth, 3-5 minutes in commissioning, check whether the normal operation, startup is flexible. Without exception, can be put to use (such as vibration head does not move, you can head wind vibration motor portion straight, when tapped on the ground). 2. The inlet hose must not be less than 25 mm inner diameter, air pressure of not less than 4-5 kg ​​/ cm. 3. When connected to the air supply pipe to pipe conmec concrete vibrator shaft joints and blowing booty, to prevent debris entering the cylinder caused by wear and tear or rotor jammed parts. 4. vibrator use according to site requirements, the control inlet pressure to adjust the vibration frequency. 5. The pneumatic vibrator to stop using, to exhaust sleeve rotation 30 °, so that the exhaust hole is closed, to avoid impurities into the cylinder from the exhaust vents. 6. When the wind motor maintenance, the upper and lower end caps bearing cavity to add a little grease (2 calcium-based grease SYB1401-62), to ensure the bearing lubrication. 7. Long-term storage should be removed for cleaning, oiling sealed, in order to avoid corrosion. 8. The wind vane motor badly worn, the rotor will be stuck, unable to work. You can now unscrew the handles, with M10 Luo nail ejection cover, thus removing burrs or replace the wiper blades new blades. 9. with or detailed repair instructions movable submersible pumps BQF-IV according to Our wind.